Where to begin… I am a hard working graphic designer with loads of passion and vision. My main interests are design, web design, cooking and bowling, in my spare time! I like to question everything that I do, when starting a project I like to set guidelines for myself as this always nearly includes giving my self time to question my design steps along the way.

I think its very important not to lose focus while you work through a task that’s why I always have a design process in place. I think this is good as it allows you to use your time wisely, while keeping the objective of your design in mind.

My process usually begins with getting to know the objective of my work, finding out the problems and thinking of ways to provide solutions through my work. I always take the time to get to know my clients as I think its important we’re both on the same page throughout the project. Before beginning a actual design stage of a project I explore I ideas and sketch them out. I share ideas with my clients before moving on to the next phase.